BSc Computer Science & Mathematics

This course will teach you everything you need for a successful career in IT – from programming and information systems to modules in mobile applications and artificial intelligence. Taught by experts, you’ll have access to our state-of-the-art computer labs as well as the opportunity to get industry experience during hands-on work placements and gain professional Java certification.

92% of students on this course say the course has provided them with opportunities to explore ideas or concepts in depth (National Student Survey 2020).

BSc Honours Degree in Applied Accounting


The ACCA’s special partnership with Oxford Brookes University enables students to obtain a BSc Honours Degree in Applied Accounting, while studying for their ACCA qualification.

To gain the applied accounting degree, you must complete the first two parts of the Fundamental Scheme of examinations, and submit a Research and Analysis Project to the university for assessment.

To be eligible, students must:

  • Have sat and passed, or been exempted from, all of the ACCA papers at level one, and papers F4 and F6

  • Have sat and passed papers F7, F8 and F9

  • Have registered with ACCA for the Oxford Brookes degree in Applied Accounting

Important note:

Students who have exemptions from papers F7, F8 or F9 or any other papers, based on qualifications gained more than ten years ago, are not eligible to join the degree scheme.

To obtain the Oxford Brookes degree in Applied Accounting students must:

  • Complete a Research and Analysis Project (6500 words)

  • Complete a key skills statement (2000 words)

  • Attend at least three meetings with a mentor

  • Present their project to the mentor and, if possible, a peer group of students

A nominated mentor, employed by PBS, will provide you with the following support service:

  • Meetings at times and dates negotiated with yourself

  • Help in choosing your research topic

  • Advice on research sources and methods

  • Advice on preparing the key skills statement

  • Review of your draft project, and critical commentary

  • Coaching for the project presentation

  • There is no time limit to the mentorship service

  • You can have as many meetings as you need

  • The mentorship service will end only when you submit a successful project

Why study for the ACCA qualification

To become a qualified member of the ACCA you need to pass 14 demanding exams and  gain three years of relevant practical experience. At PBS we help you towards examination success and give you the necessary assistance in putting you on the road to gain your qualification.

Our ACCA tuition courses are designed with one aim in mind: helping you to pass each exam first time, every time. A good examination record is a definite “plus-point” on your CV! Our ACCA courses are conducted so that you can expect to successfully complete all the exams over a period of  (30 months), and also gain a BSc Honours degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University over the same period.

Thus you are not only on course to become a qualified accountant, but you can also gain a worthwhile academic qualification as well. What you can achieve is only limited by your ambition. At PBS, we play our part and expect you to play yours in seeing that you achieve the success you deserve.


ACCA Evening Courses

Flexible for the working class.  evening lectures offer students comprehensive syllabus coverage. Classes finish approximately one month before the exams which gives you the opportunity to join one of our revision courses. Lectures run from 530pm to 730 pm.

ACCA Weekend Courses

weekend courses are designed for those that are busy during the week or those work or live far from PBS, and they offer students comprehensive syllabus coverage. Classes finish approximately one month before the exams which gives you the opportunity to join one of our revision courses. Lectures run from 9am to 4pm on Saturday and Sundays.

Revision Courses

PBS offers an intensive revision course option, which focuses on perfecting your exam techniques and offer you plenty of exam-style question practice with tutor feedback to highlight areas of your knowledge that requires improvement. Your lecturer will also recap on core syllabus areas and advise on how best to apply your knowledge to help maximise your exam success.

Normally Saturday and Sunday
9.30am – 4.30pm

Two day course
These comprehensive, two day courses are designed for candidates who cannot take leave from work during the week.