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The ACCA’s special partnership with Oxford Brookes University enables students to obtain a BSc Honours Degree in Applied Accounting, while studying for their ACCA qualification. To gain the applied accounting degree, you must complete the first two parts of the Fundamental Scheme of examinations, and submit a Research and Analysis Project to the University for Assessment.

Strategic Professional Level

The strategic professional level gives you a feel of the real world experience and how to apply what you would have learnt in real world scenarios. The courses at this level will help in the building of experience from the previous levels.

The strategic professional has the following subjects

  • SBL-Strategic Business Leader
  • SBR-Strategic Business reporting
  •  [AR1]This is an optional module

Optional papers

We offer tuition also for professional papers that enable you to specialise according to your chosen career path

You can choose two subjects from the following papers

  • AFM-Advanced Financial Management
  • APM-Advanced Performance Management
  • AAA-Advanced Audit &Assurance
  • ATX-Advanced Taxation(UK )

Applied Skills Level

Once you complete the diploma, you can proceed to do the following 6 modules to obtain the advanced diploma. It is a continuous process and a building on knowledge acquired from the Diploma level. Upon completion of the six modules, you will be eligible for the BSc Honours in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University.

The Applied skills has the following subjects:

•         LW- Corporate & Business Law

•         PM- Performance Management

•         TX- Taxation (UK)

•         FR- Financial Reporting

•         AA- Audit & Assurance

•         FM- Financial Management

Diploma In Accounting

The ACCA qualification is an international recognised qualification and a route to become a Chartered Accountant .The Diploma level also known as the foundations level creates a foundation and knowledge in ACCA. The minimum requirements to do the ACCA program starting from the Diploma level are 2 A level passes plus 5O’ Level passes including Maths/ Accounts and English. However should you not have these qualifications, you can still do ACCA by starting at the foundations level and then convert to the ACCA qualification upon completion of the foundations modules.

The diploma has the following subjects:

  • AB-Accountant in Business
  • MA-Management Accounting
  • FA-Financial Accounting